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Trusting God and Others
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Individual Sermons

2020-03-15   Trusting God and Others   Richard Morschel
2020-03-08   Foundation of Healthy Relationships   Frances Morschel
2020-03-01   The Evidence of Love   Richard Morschel
2020-02-23   The Power of Choice   Alexander Blair
2020-02-16   Zeal for God's House   Richard Morschel
2020-02-09   Reconcile Yourself - And Smile   Natalie Blair
2020-02-02   God's Vision for KLF   Richard Morschel
2020-01-26   The Heart of Reconciliation   Frances Morschel
2020-01-19   Don't Allow Unforgiveness to Block Your Destiny!   Alexander Blair
2020-01-12   Being Satisfied in God   Richard Morschel
2020-01-05   Being Positioned for Favour   Alexander Blair
2019-12-29   Plundering the Enemy's Camp!   Richard Morschel
2019-12-22   The Light of Life   Richard Morschel
2019-12-15   The Greatest Gift   Richard Morschel
2019-12-08   Psalm 122   Richard Morschel
2019-12-01   What Is Authentic Worship?   Alexander Blair
2019-11-24   A Sign and a Symbol   Richard Morschel
2019-11-17   These Are My Shoes - It's My Walk   Gayle Claxton
2019-11-10   Staying the Course When Discouraged   Alexander Blair
2019-11-03   Christ's Passion for His Church   Richard Morschel
2019-10-27   The Two Sacrifices   Tobias von Stosch
2019-10-20   Are You Amazed?   Richard Morschel
2019-10-13   Hosting God's Presence   Richard Morschel
2019-10-06   Broken for Empowerment   Alexander Blair
2019-09-29   Strong Marriage, Strong Church   Richard Morschel
2019-09-22   Is Your Church on TripAdvisor?   Richard Morschel
2019-09-15   Sprinkled, Dipped or Dunked?   Richard Morschel
2019-09-08   Standing Your Ground   Alexander Blair
2019-09-01   Put on Your Light   Richard Morschel
2019-08-25   How Do Miracles Happen?   Maria Iliopoulou-Czernik
2019-08-18   The Father's Testimony   Richard Morschel
2019-08-11   The Key of David   Tobias von Stosch
2019-08-04   180°   Richard Morschel
2019-07-28   4D Prayer   Richard Morschel
2019-07-21   What Do You See?   Richard Morschel
2019-07-14   Standing Your Ground   Alexander Blair
2019-07-07   Prevailing in Prayer   Alexander Blair
2019-06-30   Four Walls   Richard Morschel
2019-06-16   Emotions Breaking Through   Edgar Mayer
2019-06-09   No Other Name!   Richard Morschel
2019-06-02   A Right Mindset for Personal Growth   Alexander Blair
2019-05-26   Zion - It Starts with Choice   Alexander Blair
2019-05-19   The Word of God   Julius Regala
2019-05-12   Living the Kingdom Life   Richard Morschel
2019-05-05   God's Good Work   Richard Morschel
2019-04-28   Living Sacrifice   Richard Morschel
2019-04-21   Christ Is Risen - Just As He Said   Alexander Blair
2019-04-14   Hosanna - Your Prayers Are Being Answered   Alexander Blair
2019-04-07   Living Through God   Richard Morschel
2019-03-31   Recognising God's Voice   Richard Morschel
2019-03-24   Seven Ways to Praise God   Alexander Blair
2019-03-17   The Power of Praise   Alexander Blair
2019-02-24   Sort It Out!   Alexander Blair
2019-02-17   What Do I Still Lack?   Alexander Blair
2019-02-10   Letting Go   Kay Lorentz
2019-01-27   Principles of Revival for Transformation   Richard Morschel
2019-01-20   Faith in Action   Tobias von Stosch
2019-01-13   Warring with Your Prophetic Word   Alexander Blair
2019-01-06   The Journey to Transformation   Richard Morschel
2018-12-30   Transforming Faith   Richard Morschel
2018-12-23   Three Gifts   Richard Morschel
2018-12-02   Running the Race   Richard Morschel
2018-11-25   Dancing with God   Richard Morschel
2018-11-18   Wanted: Dead and Alive   Richard Morschel
2018-11-04   The Law of Christ   Richard Morschel
2018-10-21   Release the Handbrake   Richard Morschel
2018-10-14   The Creative God   Tobias von Stosch
2018-10-07   A Royal Priesthood   Richard Morschel
2018-09-30   You Are Chosen   Richard Morschel
2018-09-23   Up, In, Out   Richard Morschel
2018-09-16   Seated in Heavenly Places   Holger Genzmer
2018-09-09   God's Calling   Richard Morschel
2018-09-02   Let Christ Be Formed in You   Richard Morschel
2018-08-26   Make up Your Mind!   Alexander Blair
2018-08-19   Kingdom Love   Richard Morschel
2018-08-12   Revealing God's Kingdom   Richard Morschel
2018-08-05   Transforming Love   Richard Morschel
2018-07-29   Why Do You Follow Jesus?   Frances Morschel
2018-07-22   Keys to the Supernatural   Richard Morschel
2018-07-15   The Beauty of the Cross   Elizabeth Nehring
2018-07-01   The Joy of Your Salvation   Richard Morschel
2018-06-17   What Do You Say in Hopeless Situations?   Alexander Blair
2018-06-10   The Baptised Life   Richard Morschel
2018-06-03   The Spirit of Caleb   Frances Morschel
2018-05-27   True Worshippers   Richard Morschel
2018-05-06   What Do You Smell Of?   Antje Janzen
2018-04-29   Come and See   Richard Morschel
2018-04-22   Who Do You Think You Are?   Richard Morschel
2018-04-15   Are You Spiritual?   Richard Morschel
2018-04-08   Are You a Candidate for God's Promotional Programme?   Alexander Blair
2018-04-01   The Gospel of Forgiveness   Richard Morschel
2018-03-25   God Is Good!   Vicky Hildmann
2018-03-18   Living in Jesus' Name   Richard Morschel
2018-03-11   Kept United by God's Glory   Prem Christopher
2018-03-04   Reflections on Faith   Richard Morschel
2018-02-25   One Body, One Language   Tobias von Stosch
2018-02-18   The Jerusalem Puzzle   Richard Morschel
2018-02-11   Crossing Over   Aris Maniatis
2018-02-04   Preparing for Your Mount Carmel   Alexander Blair
2018-01-28   Dig Your Own Well   Frances Morschel
2018-01-21   Christ, My Life!   Richard Morschel
2018-01-14   The Power of Fasting   Richard Morschel
2018-01-07   Fasting   Richard Morschel
2017-12-24   The Light of Life   Richard Morschel
2017-12-17   Be Prepared!   Frances Morschel
2017-12-10   The Lion and the Lamb   Antje Janzen
2017-12-03   The Secret Box   Richard Morschel
2017-11-26   Fire and Faith   Tobias von Stosch
2017-11-19   The Father's Purpose in Christ   Richard Morschel
2017-11-12   A Greater Love   Frances Morschel
2017-11-05   I Want You to Know Me   Richard Morschel
2017-10-29   From Revelation to Restoration   Alexander Blair
2017-10-22   Stop Wobbling   Richard Morschel
2017-10-15   The Power of Gratitude   Richard Morschel
2017-10-08   A Life of Reverential Worship   Prem Christopher
2017-10-01   Who Is This King?   Richard Morschel
2017-09-24   Get Rid of the Ashes   Richard Morschel
2017-09-17   Get over It and Move On   Alexander Blair
2017-09-10   Only One Thing Is Needed   Richard Morschel
2017-08-27   The Power of the Gospel   Richard Morschel
2017-08-20   Humility - The Key to Revival   Richard Morschel
2017-08-06   Let Your Enemies Fear You   Alexander Blair
2017-07-23   True Revival   Richard Morschel
2017-07-16   God's Family Culture - Forgiveness   Antje Janzen
2017-07-09   Life or Death?   David Rowe
2017-07-02   Exit - No Return!   Richard Morschel
2017-06-25   Move If You Want to See a Movement   Wai-yee Schmidt
2017-06-18   The Wind and the Fire   Bengt Wedemalm
2017-06-11   God's Minimum Financial Standard   Alexander Blair
2017-06-04   The Life of Christ, Our Jubilee   Prem Christopher
2017-05-28   Come and Go   Tobias von Stosch
2017-05-21   Understanding Our Authority in Prayer   Alexander Blair
2017-05-14   God with Us   Richard Morschel
2017-05-07   10 Lessons from 10 Years   Richard Morschel
2017-04-30   Born of the Gospel   Richard Morschel
2017-04-30   Know God and Make Him Known   Myrna Gabilan
2017-04-23   The Jonah Project   Richard Morschel
2017-04-16   Raised to Reign   Richard Morschel
2017-04-09   Heaven's Priorities   Richard Morschel
2017-04-02   What Are You Wearing?   David Rowe
2017-03-26   Eternal Life - Be Consumed!   Prem Christopher
2017-03-19   Coram Deo   Richard Morschel
2017-03-12   Living from the Unseen Realm   Alexander Blair
2017-03-05   The Assurance of Sonship   Richard Morschel
2017-02-26   Reclaiming God's Presence   Alexander Blair
2017-02-19   God Loves You, God Knows You, God Made You   Alexander Blair
2017-02-12   Be Pickled   Richard Morschel
2017-02-05   Receiving from God - 5 Barrier Breakers   Alexander Blair
2017-01-29   The Experience of Sonship   Richard Morschel
2017-01-22   A New Heart and Mind   Frances Morschel
2017-01-15   The Essence of Sonship   Richard Morschel
2017-01-08   Take Heart   Kay Lorentz
2017-01-01   Blow the Cover   Richard Morschel
2016-12-18   How Do You Respond When God Shows Up?   Alexander Blair
2016-12-11   A Light in the Darkness   Frances Morschel
2016-12-04   Indwelling Word   Richard Morschel
2016-11-27   Principles for Church Growth   Richard Morschel
2016-11-20   Remain Unmoved   Prem Christopher
2016-10-30   Fit-ness   David Rowe
2016-10-23   Trust and Obey   Frances Morschel
2016-10-16   Who Do You Say I Am?   Alexander Blair
2016-09-25   The Encounter with the Father (II)   Prem Christopher
2016-09-18   The Rewards of Obedience   Frances Morschel
2016-08-28   153 Fish   David Rowe
2016-08-21   With God There's More Than Enough (Part 2)   Alexander Blair
2016-08-14   With God There's More Than Enough   Alexander Blair
2016-08-07   The Unmerciful Servant   Richard Morschel
2016-07-31   The Victor's Spirit   Richard Morschel
2016-07-24   Supernatural Peace   Richard Morschel
2016-07-17   Making God Famous   David Rowe
2016-07-10   Heavenly Citizenship   Frances Morschel
2016-06-26   Be Strong in Grace   Alexander Blair
2016-06-19   The Encounter with the Father   Prem Christopher
2016-06-12   A Clean Slate   Frances Morschel
2016-06-05   The Purpose of Grace   Richard Morschel
2016-05-29   Huperballo Grace   Richard Morschel
2016-05-22   The 'Father' You Will Go   David Rowe
2016-05-15   Do You Have a Drinking Problem?   Richard Morschel
2016-05-08   It's Time to Get Serious   Alexander Blair
2016-05-01   Godliness   Julius Regala
2016-04-17   Wrestling in Prayer   Richard Morschel
2016-04-10   Psalm 27: The Prayer of Faith   Richard Morschel
2016-04-03   Revelation of the Father's Heart (III)   Prem Christopher
2016-03-27   Arise for He Is Risen!   Richard Morschel
2016-03-20   Why Do People Reject the Truth?   Richard Morschel
2016-03-13   What's Going On?   Alexander Blair
2016-03-06   The Prayer of the Weak   Richard Morschel
2016-02-28   Psalm 32   David Rowe
2016-02-21   A Journey Through the Song of Songs   Frances Morschel
2016-02-14   Grow Up!   Prem Christopher
2016-02-07   The Evidence of Remaining   Richard Morschel
2016-01-31   Road to Freedom   Frances Morschel
2016-01-24   The Fruit of Kingdom Life   Richard Morschel
2016-01-17   Fruitfulness   Richard Morschel
2016-01-10   What Is Your Increase Strategy?   Alexander Blair
2016-01-03   2016 - Sow What?!   Richard Morschel
2015-12-27   The God Scan   Richard Morschel
2015-12-20   Christmas - An Issue of Worship   Alexander Blair
2015-12-13   Losing Ourselves in Jesus   Richard Morschel
2015-12-06   Stop Rowing and Put up Your Sails   Richard Morschel
2015-11-29   Walking With the Passover Lamb   Prem Christopher
2015-11-22   Transformed by God's Glory   Richard Morschel
2015-11-15   The Hallmarks of a Spiritual Community   Alexander Blair
2015-11-08   The Joy of Your Salvation   Richard Morschel
2015-11-01   Spiritual Marathon   Richard Morschel
2015-10-25   Genuine Faith   David Rowe
2015-10-18   Without Measure, Full and Boundless   Richard Morschel
2015-10-11   God's Vision for the Church   Richard Morschel
2015-10-04   Sealed With the Spirit (Part 2)   Richard Morschel
2015-09-27   Sealed With the Spirit (Part 1)   Richard Morschel
2015-09-20   Be Prepared   Frances Morschel
2015-09-13   Stinking Thinking   Richard Morschel
2015-09-06   Waiter, Waiter   Richard Morschel
2015-08-30   The Godly Fear of Jesus   Prem Christopher
2015-08-23   Love is in the Heir   Richard Morschel
2015-08-16   Beliefs, Values and Actions   David Rowe
2015-08-09   Praying Prophetically   Alexander Blair
2015-08-02   The Full Gospel   Richard Morschel
2015-07-26   Restored to God's Image   Richard Morschel
2015-07-12   Citizens of Heaven   Richard Morschel
2015-07-05   The Second Bang   Tobias von Stosch
2015-06-28   Rise and Shine   Alexander Blair
2015-06-21   All I Want Is Christ   Sony Okpekpe
2015-06-14   Show Me Your Glory   Prem Christopher
2015-06-07   The River of Life   David Rowe
2015-05-31   Restoring Godly Authority   Richard Morschel
2015-05-24   Repentance: The Key To Fullness   Richard Morschel
2015-05-17   Retrain Your Brain   Frances Morschel
2015-05-10   Dwelling in the Father   Richard Morschel
2015-05-03   Revelation of the Father's Heart (II)   Prem Christopher
2015-04-26   Intentional Church   Richard Morschel
2015-04-19   Purchased for God   Richard Morschel
2015-04-12   You Touch Me, You Touch Him   Bengt Wedemalm
2015-04-05   The Chocolate-Coated Gospel   Richard Morschel
2015-03-29   The Battle for the Gates   Alexander Blair
2015-03-22   The Jesus Diet   Richard Morschel
2015-03-15   Christ-Centred Living   Frances Morschel
2015-03-08   Work out Your Salvation   Elizabeth Nehring
2015-03-01   Stewardship   Timothy Morschel
2015-02-22   No Shades of Grey   Alexander Blair
2015-02-15   He Made Us to Be   Richard Morschel
2015-02-08   Satisfied in God   Richard Morschel
2015-02-01   A Call to Deeper Intimacy   Prem Christopher
2015-01-25   Developing Faith at All Times   Alexander Blair
2015-01-18   Je Suis Jesus   David Rowe
2015-01-11   The Tent of Meeting   Richard Morschel
2015-01-04   Moving Forward   Frances Morschel
2014-12-28   The Hope of Perfection   Richard Morschel
2014-12-14   Revelation of the Father's Heart   Prem Christopher
2014-12-07   Birthing a Kingdom Community   Richard Morschel
2014-11-30   Being a House of Prayer   Alexander Blair
2014-11-23   God's Inspiring Gifts   Richard Morschel
2014-11-16   The Fivefold Ministry of the Church   Frances Morschel
2014-11-09   Reconciliation   David Rowe
2014-11-02   Running the Race   Richard Morschel
2014-10-26   Unity   Elizabeth Nehring
2014-10-19   The Jubilee Anointing   Alexander Blair
2014-10-12   The Ministry of the Holy Spirit   Richard Morschel
2014-10-05   Leaning on Jesus   Richard Morschel
2014-09-28   Know the Signs   Francois Botes
2014-09-21   He's the One We've Been Looking For   Bengt Wedemalm
2014-09-14   Gratitude: The Heart of Worship   Richard Morschel
2014-09-07   Made Holy for His Pleasure   Sophie Rowe
2014-08-31   I Don't Want to Miss God's Plane   Alexander Blair
2014-08-24   Show Me Your Glory   Richard Morschel
2014-08-17   True Worship   Richard Morschel
2014-08-10   Faith, Hope and Love   Frances Morschel
2014-08-03   For the Audience of One   Richard Morschel
2014-07-27   Come to Jesus and Find Rest   Aris Maniatis
2014-07-20   What's Higher than World Cup Praise   Alexander Blair
2014-07-13   Created in Christ to Run   Richard Morschel
2014-07-06   Embracing God's Call   Alexander Blair
2014-06-29   Everyone Has a Call, No-One Is Disqualified   Frances Morschel
2014-06-22   Understanding God's Unique Calling   Richard Morschel
2014-06-15   The Pattern for Kingdom Living   Richard Morschel
2014-06-08   Tribute to Richard Maybery   Richard Morschel
2014-06-01   Intimacy with God   Frances Morschel
2014-05-25   Christ Is Enough for Me   Alexander Blair
2014-05-18   Waiting upon the Lord   Rodrick Gilbert
2014-05-11   The Road to Fullness of Life   Richard Morschel
2014-05-04   Ordination of Pastor Julius Regala   Richard Morschel
2014-05-04   Building Kingdom Relationships   Richard Morschel
2014-04-27   Kingdom Life Butuan   Julius Regala
2014-04-27   Hilarious Generosity   Richard Morschel
2014-04-20   Jesus, The Perfect Saviour   Richard Morschel
2014-04-13   A Journey To Breakthrough   Frances Morschel
2014-04-06   Come With Me   Richard Morschel
2014-04-06   The Worry-Free Kingdom   Sophie Rowe
2014-03-30   How far are we willing to go for a breakthrough?   Alexander Blair
2014-03-16   The Burning Bush and the Tent of Meeting   Richard Maybery
2014-02-23   Let's Live God's Dream   Alexander Blair
2014-01-05   Positioning Yourself For 2014   Alexander Blair
2013-12-29   Entering God's Best in 2014   Richard Morschel
2013-12-22   Christmas Contemplations   Richard Morschel
2013-12-15   The B.R.I.D.E. of Christ   Richard Morschel
2013-12-01   Decide Which Side You Are On - Then Settle It   Alexander Blair
2013-11-24   God's Vision   Richard Morschel
2013-11-17   Taking Possession Of The Kingdom   Frances Morschel
2013-11-10   Living From Vision   Richard Morschel
2013-11-03   God Has A Plan For You   Elizabeth Nehring
2013-10-27   Living In Love, Living In God   Richard Morschel
2013-10-20   Are You Prepared To Receive My Kindness?   Alexander Blair
2013-10-13   That's Not My Dog   Richard Morschel
2013-10-06   Spiritual Discernment   Frances Morschel
2013-09-29   Only With The Holy Spirit   Alexander Blair
2013-09-22   The Substance Of Servanthood   Aris Maniatis
2013-09-01   Steps To Humility   Frances Morschel
2013-08-25   Stepping Into The Growth Zone   Alexander Blair
2013-08-18   The Pathway To Greatness   Frances Morschel
2013-08-11   Revealing God's Goodness   Richard Morschel
2013-08-04   Attracting The Manifest Presence   Richard Morschel
2013-07-28   For Goodness Sake   Richard Morschel
2013-07-21   The Glory Of The Saints   Elizabeth Nehring
2013-07-14   How Is Our Living Faith Today?   Alexander Blair
2013-07-07   Are You Good Enough?   Richard Morschel
2013-06-30   Are You Living By Faith Or By Self?   Alexander Blair
2013-06-23   Overflowing Hope   Richard Morschel
2013-06-16   The River Of God   Frances Morschel
2013-06-09   Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone   Alexander Blair
2013-06-02   Know Your Enemy!   Richard Morschel
2013-05-26   Out Of This World   Richard Morschel
2013-05-19   The Realm Beyond   Richard Morschel
2013-05-05   The Lord Of Hosts   Alexander Blair
2013-04-28   Turn Around, Hear And See   Alexander Blair
2013-04-21   God's Hidden Ones   Richard Morschel
2013-04-14   Abide And Receive   Richard Morschel
2013-04-07   God's Call To Love Him   Alexander Blair
2013-03-31   Our Perfect High Priest   Richard Morschel
2013-03-11   The Gospel of GRACE   Richard Morschel
2013-03-10   Knowing God's Guidance Is Easy   Alexander Blair
2013-03-03   Graced To Serve   Richard Morschel
2013-02-24   Being Or Becoming?   Richard Morschel
2013-02-17   Satisfied In The Father's Love   Richard Morschel
2013-02-10   The Church's Call To Prophetic Leadership   Alexander Blair
2013-01-27   What Will You Say In 2013?   Alexander Blair
2013-01-06   Broken Records   Richard Morschel
2012-12-30   Will You Run To Win In 2013?   Alexander Blair
2012-12-23   Glow-In-The-Dark Christmas   Richard Morschel
2012-12-09   Joseph's Choice Between Law And Love   Alexander Blair
2012-12-02   The Three Essentials   Richard Morschel
2012-11-25   Transformed in His Presence   Alexander Blair
2012-11-18   Baptised into the Body   Richard Morschel
2012-11-11   Recognising the Body of Christ   Richard Morschel
2012-11-04   From Strays to Followers   Richard Morschel
2012-10-28   Imitating Christ's Humility   David Rowe
2012-10-21   Under Authority   Richard Morschel
2012-10-14   Discipleship For Effective Growth   Alexander Blair
2012-09-30   The Heart Of The Matter   Richard Morschel
2012-09-23   Listening To The Heart Of God   Richard Morschel
2012-09-16   Trust In The Lord   Frances Morschel
2012-09-02   Are You Listening?   Alexander Blair
2012-08-26   Essence, Form and Purpose   Richard Morschel
2012-08-19   Flexible In Form   Richard Morschel
2012-08-12   From Frustration To Freedom   Alexander Blair
2012-08-05   God's Image Restored   Richard Morschel
2012-07-29   The Way of Peace   Richard Morschel
2012-07-22   The Kingdom of Peace   Richard Morschel
2012-07-08   Blessing   Alexander Blair
2012-07-01   The Sozo Zone   Richard Morschel
2012-06-24   Carefully Joined Together   David Rowe
2012-06-17   Overshadowed By God   Richard Morschel
2012-06-10   Preparation For Breakthrough   Alexander Blair
2012-06-03   Dead To Sin - Alive To God   Elizabeth Nehring
2012-05-27   From Understanding to Multiplication   David Rowe
2012-05-20   Faithfulness   Richard Morschel
2012-05-13   Sanctified By The Word   Richard Morschel
2012-05-06   Possessed By God   Richard Morschel
2012-04-29   Taking Back Our Families   Alexander Blair
2012-04-22   The Key to Holiness   Richard Morschel
2012-04-15   Kingdom of Holiness   Richard Morschel
2012-04-08   Living in Resurrection Power   Tabea Rowe; Hannah Schulze
2012-04-01   The Kingdom of Blessing   Richard Morschel
2012-03-25   Standing Strong in Grace Under Pressure   Alexander Blair
2012-03-18   Grace - The Joy of Spongeship   Richard Morschel
2012-03-11   Your Heart - The Key to the Kingdom   Richard Morschel
2012-03-04   Sons of the Kingdom   Richard Morschel
2012-02-26   The Pain of Abandonment   Alexander Blair
2012-01-29   Light Comes Through Broken Things   Rick Bundschuh
2012-01-22   Being Free To Fail   Alexander Blair
2012-01-15   What Message Do We Live?   Sharron Frood
2012-01-01   Genuine Faith   Richard Morschel
2011-12-18   The Unlikely King   Natalie Blair
2011-12-11   Ushering In the Kingdom   Frances Morschel
2011-12-04   Let Our Needs Lead to an Encounter with God   Alexander Blair
2011-11-20   Satisfied in God   Richard Morschel
2011-11-06   The Garden of Your Heart   Frances Morschel
2011-10-30   With Christ Jesus I Will Be Able to Forgive   Alexander Blair
2011-10-23   The Dismembering Process   Richard Morschel
2011-10-16   God Sees, God Hears, God Knows   Alexander Blair
2011-10-09   Your Kingdom Come   Richard Morschel
2011-10-02   The Nature of Spiritual Love   Richard Morschel
2011-09-25   Baptism of Love   Richard Morschel
2011-09-18   Being an Authentic Worshiper   Alexander Blair
2011-09-11   Resonating God's Love   Richard Morschel
2011-09-04   The Sound of Heaven   Frances Morschel
2011-08-14   Resting in God (Psalm 23)   Richard Morschel
2011-07-31   The Heavenly Realms   Frances Morschel
2011-07-24   Chosen by God, Chosen for God   Alexander Blair
2011-07-17   Jesus, Alpha and Omega   Tobias von Stosch
2011-07-03   Living in Favour   Richard Morschel
2011-06-26   Do Not Let Anger Steal Your Worship   Alexander Blair
2011-06-19   Coat of Favour   Richard Morschel
2011-05-29   Uninvited Love   Alexander Blair
2011-04-24   Rejoice in God   Richard Morschel
2011-04-24   Remember Jesus!   Richard Morschel
2011-04-10   Changing Our Inner Realm   Alexander Blair
2011-01-30   Mustard Seed Faith   Bengt Wedemalm
2010-12-19   Living in Unending Peace   Richard Morschel
2010-10-17   Run to Win   Richard Morschel
2010-10-10   What Do You See?   Frances Morschel
2010-10-03   The New Life Cycle   Richard Morschel
2010-09-26   Consecrated for God's Name's Sake   Alexander Blair
2010-09-19   Touching the Father's Heart   Richard Morschel
2010-09-12   Faith to Face the Giants   Frances Morschel
2010-09-05   What Diet Are You On?   Richard Morschel
2010-08-29   Servant Sons   Richard Morschel
2010-08-22   YOU Are The Light Of The World   Richard Morschel
2010-08-15   Holiness   Richard Morschel
2010-08-08   Choosing the Door of Fruitfulness   Alexander Blair
2010-07-18   Is Your Wallet Baptised?   David Rowe
2010-07-11   Reconstruction   Raimundo Ribeiro
2010-05-30   Doing a Good Job Jesus' Way   Eddy Dueck
2010-05-09   Listening to God   Richard Morschel
2010-04-04   Let Go To Gain!   Richard Morschel
2010-02-28   Front Line Courage   Mike Vickers
2009-12-27   Unwrapping The Gift   Richard Morschel
2009-12-20   Divine Exchange   Richard Morschel
2009-12-13   Positioning For Restoration In 2010   Alexander Blair
2009-11-15   God Will Restore Total Health   Alexander Blair
2009-09-20   Teaching On Worship   Richard Morschel
2009-08-23   One Thing   Les Mitchell
2009-07-12   Recipe For Worship   Alexander Blair
2009-05-24   Personal Leadership   Gayle Claxton
2009-05-17   Speaking To The Mountain   Geetha Komanapalli
2009-04-19   A Possessor's or Settler's Attitude?   Alexander Blair
2009-03-22   For The Purpose Of Prayer   Mike Chance
2008-11-09   Spirit-shaped - The Wind And The Water   Richard Maybery
2008-11-02   Being Reconciled With Yourself   Alexander Blair
2008-10-05   Keys To The Kingdom   Chris Peterson
2008-07-13   Why Are We Sitting Here?   Alexander Blair
2008-06-01   F.I.R.E.   Richard Morschel
2008-05-25   Theology Of Strength In Weakness   Richard Maybery
2008-05-18   Preparing For Revival   Richard Morschel
2008-05-11   Pentecost - Expecting The God Of Suddenlies   Alexander Blair
2008-05-04   Risk For His Glory - Just Do It!   Richard Morschel
2008-03-23   I Told You So   Richard Morschel
2008-03-21   Reconciled To Reign   Richard Morschel
2008-02-03   A Covenant People   Richard Morschel
2008-01-20   Banquet For The King   Alexander Blair
2007-12-23   Good News   Richard Morschel
2007-12-02   Hungry For Your Glory   Alexander Blair
2007-11-25   Rebuilding Spiritual Walls   Alexander Blair
2007-11-18   21 Day Fast   Richard Morschel
2007-10-07   <untitled message>   Johnathon Dyke
2007-07-22   Receiving The Kingdom   Richard Morschel
2007-05-27   The Spirit And The Kingdom   Richard Morschel

True Worship

2019-03-10   Put Off, Put On!   Richard Morschel
2019-03-03   Living from God   Richard Morschel
2013-09-15   Use The Gift   Richard Morschel
2013-09-08   Attitude Of Gratitude   Richard Morschel

Prophetic Encounter

2019-02-03   Living in the Glory   André Bronkhorst

Restoring Hedges of Spiritual Protection

2018-12-16   Spiritual Hedge Strategies   Alexander Blair
2018-12-09   Restoring Hedges of Spiritual Protection   Alexander Blair

Living Bethels for God

2018-11-11   Building Right Foundations   Alexander Blair
2018-10-28   Living Bethels for God   Alexander Blair

Revival Fire

2018-06-24   The Divine "Yes"   Edgar Mayer

Deep Calls to Deep

2018-05-20   A Fresh Touch of the Holy Spirit   Steve Porter


2017-09-03   Are You Focused?   Kaisa Koistinen
2017-09-03   Bleib nicht auf halbem Weg stehen   Sebastian Köhler

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

2017-08-13   A Journey into Healing   Edgar Mayer

How to Live the Kingdom Life

2016-11-13   Four Pillars of the Church   Richard Morschel
2016-11-06   Transforming Revelation   Richard Morschel
2016-10-09   The Supremacy of Christ   Richard Morschel
2016-10-02   How to Live the Kingdom Life   Richard Morschel

Hearing From Heaven

2015-07-19   Birth of Praise   Francois Botes

Live C.H.U.R.C.H.

2014-03-23   Co-labouring with God   Aris Maniatis
2014-03-09   Unconditional Glue   Richard Morschel
2014-03-02   Are You Sticky?   Richard Morschel
2014-02-16   The Purpose Of Holiness   Richard Morschel
2014-02-09   6 Pillars For Health And Growth   Frances Morschel
2014-02-02   Jesus, Our Reality   Richard Morschel
2014-01-19   Christ Paid The Price So We Can Be One   Richard Morschel

Resonating Heaven

2014-01-26   All Because Of A Letter   Francois Botes

Signs, Wonders And The Kingdom Of God

2013-03-24   Building Friendship With God   Richard Maybery

Faith Working Through Love

2013-02-03   Reach Up, Reach In, Reach Out   Richard Morschel
2013-01-20   The Development Of Faith   Richard Morschel
2013-01-13   Faith Working Through Love   Richard Morschel


2012-02-19   Loving Yourself   Frances Morschel
2012-02-12   Living a Life of Agape   Richard Morschel
2012-02-05   Reveal the Father's Love   Richard Morschel
2012-01-08   Radiant Love   Richard Morschel

Living in the Fear of the Lord

2011-11-27   Tremble at God's Word   Richard Morschel
2011-08-07   Created in Christ   Richard Morschel
2011-07-10   Seeing the Invisible   Richard Morschel
2011-06-11   The Goal of Our Faith   Frances Morschel
2011-06-05   Baptised in Holiness   Richard Morschel
2011-05-15   The Splendour of God's Holiness   Richard Morschel
2011-05-08   Union with God   Richard Morschel
2011-05-01   Living for God   Richard Morschel
2011-04-17   Raising a Banner   Frances Morschel
2011-04-03   Satisfied in God Alone   Frances Morschel
2011-03-27   The Evidence of a Revived Heart   Richard Morschel
2011-03-20   Living from God   Richard Morschel
2011-03-13   Psalm 61   David Rowe
2011-03-06   Faith Tested   Richard Morschel
2011-02-27   Faith and the Fear of the Lord   Richard Morschel
2011-02-20   Reflecting His Presence in Troubling Times   Alexander Blair
2011-02-13   Jesus and the Fear of the Lord   Richard Morschel
2011-02-06   Revering God's Presence   Richard Morschel
2011-01-23   Attracting the Manifest Presence of God   Richard Morschel
2011-01-16   Where are You Living From?   Frances Morschel
2011-01-09   Rely, Respond, Revere!   Richard Morschel
2011-01-02   Living in the Fear of the Lord   Richard Morschel

Get Wisdom!

2011-08-28   The Wisdom of the Righteous   Richard Morschel
2011-08-21   Get Wisdom!   Richard Morschel

Sound of Heaven

2011-05-22   Greater Intimacy with the Holy Spirit   Steve Porter

The Church

2010-12-05   For the Display of His Splendour   Richard Morschel
2010-11-28   Experiencing Sonship   Richard Morschel
2010-11-21   Children of God   David Rowe
2010-11-14   Giving: The Fruit of Faith and Love   Richard Morschel
2010-11-07   A People Bold in God   Alexander Blair
2010-10-31   A Supernatural People   Alexander Blair
2010-10-24   What is "The Church"?   Richard Morschel

Rooted in Christ

2010-07-04   Planted by the River   Richard Morschel
2010-06-20   Bearing Lasting Fruit   Richard Morschel
2010-06-13   Rooted in Christ   Richard Morschel
2010-06-06   Continuing in Grace   Richard Morschel

KLF Vision 2010

2010-05-23   For a Greater Glory   Frances Morschel
2010-04-18   For The Sake Of Our City - A Call To Oneness   Alexander Blair
2010-03-28   Ruled. Roaming. Reigning   Richard Morschel
2010-03-21   Oaks Of Righteousness   Richard Morschel
2010-03-14   The Big Five   Frances Morschel
2010-03-07   It's Time - For Joy   Alexander Blair
2010-02-21   Anointed With The Father's Redeeming Love   Richard Morschel
2010-02-14   Sealed With The Father's Love   Richard Morschel
2010-02-07   How To Live An Extraordinary Life   Richard Morschel
2010-01-31   Taking Hold Of God's Passion   Richard Morschel
2010-01-24   Right Attitude, Right Actions, Right Associations   Alexander Blair
2010-01-17   KLF Vision 2010   Richard Morschel

A People Of God's Presence

2010-05-16   Seeing and Entering the Kingdom   Richard Morschel
2010-05-02   Attracting the Face of God   Richard Morschel
2010-04-25   Honouring the Presence of God   Richard Morschel
2010-01-10   Obey To Stay   Richard Morschel
2010-01-03   A People Of God's Presence   Richard Morschel

True Disciples

2010-04-11   Dwelling and Doing   Richard Morschel

Unveiling The Book Of Revelation

2009-12-06   Ride With The Lamb, Rule With The Lamb   Mike Chance

In Christ Jesus

2009-11-29   Ministering Grace   Richard Morschel
2009-11-22   Abounding Grace   Richard Morschel
2009-11-08   I'm Free!   Frances Morschel
2009-11-01   True Salvation   Richard Morschel
2009-10-25   In Christ Jesus   Richard Morschel

Kingdom Culture

2009-10-18   Forming Kingdom Convictions   Richard Morschel
2009-10-11   Convincing Truth   Richard Morschel
2009-10-04   I Am Godly   Richard Morschel
2009-09-27   Be Yourself   Frances Morschel
2009-09-13   I Am God's Home   Richard Morschel
2009-09-06   Cultural Conquerors   Richard Morschel
2009-08-30   Reviving Kingdom Culture   Richard Morschel
2009-08-16   Kingdom Culture   Richard Morschel


2009-07-19   The Power Of The Testimony   Richard Morschel
2009-07-05   Witnesses Of God's Glory   Richard Morschel
2009-06-28   More Of His Glory   David Rowe
2009-06-21   Stirring The Spirit Of Faith   Richard Morschel
2009-06-14   Unveiling God's Glory   Richard Morschel
2009-06-07   What Is Revival?   Richard Morschel
2009-05-31   Unstopping The Well Of Revival   Richard Morschel

The Kingdom Life

2009-05-10   Standing Firm   Richard Morschel
2009-05-03   We're It!   Richard Morschel
2009-04-26   Demolishing Strongholds   Richard Morschel
2009-04-12   Receive The Truth   Richard Morschel
2009-04-05   Stewards Of The Divine   Richard Morschel
2009-03-29   The Kingdom Life   Richard Morschel

Living A Lifestyle Of Prayer

2009-03-15   Praying In The Name Of Jesus   Richard Morschel
2009-03-08   Obedience   Richard Morschel
2009-03-01   A People Of The Word   Richard Morschel
2009-02-22   Dwelling In The Secret Place   Richard Morschel
2009-02-15   God Through You   Suzette Hattingh
2009-02-08   Checklist For Effective Prayer   Alexander Blair
2009-02-01   The Anchor Of Our Soul   Richard Morschel
2009-01-25   The Right And Responsibility To Pray   Richard Morschel
2009-01-18   For The Glory And The Kingdom   Richard Morschel
2009-01-11   Faith   Richard Morschel

The Church And The Kingdom Of God

2009-01-04   P.R.A.Y.E.R.   Richard Morschel
2008-12-28   A Devoted People   Richard Morschel
2008-12-21   Covenanting   David Rowe
2008-12-14   The Key To The Kingdom   Richard Morschel
2008-12-07   The Church And The Kingdom Of God   Richard Morschel

Spiritual Love

2008-11-30   Faith Expressed Through Love   Richard Morschel
2008-11-23   A Lifestyle Of Faith   Richard Morschel
2008-11-16   Agape   Richard Morschel
2008-10-26   Through Supernatural Peace   Richard Morschel
2008-10-19   With A Good Conscience   Richard Morschel
2008-10-12   Spiritual Love   Richard Morschel

Honouring God

2008-09-28   By Sowing Spiritual Seed   Richard Morschel
2008-09-21   With A Spirit Of Generosity   Richard Morschel
2008-09-14   With The Grace Of Giving   Richard Morschel
2008-09-07   With Overflowing Grace   Richard Morschel
2008-08-31   With The Spirit Of Faith   Richard Morschel
2008-08-24   Honouring God   Richard Morschel

Building A Supernatural Church

2008-08-17   Not I But Christ   Richard Morschel
2008-08-10   By Grace Through Faith   Richard Morschel
2008-07-20   To Know And To Make Known   Richard Morschel
2008-07-06   Grace - The Key To The Supernatural   Richard Morschel
2008-06-29   Activating The Supernatural   Richard Morschel
2008-06-22   Making Room For The Supernatural   Richard Morschel
2008-06-15   Releasing The Supernatural   Richard Morschel
2008-06-08   According To His Power   Richard Morschel

River Of Revival - In The Deep

2008-04-27   Kingdom Culture   Richard Morschel
2008-04-20   Living In The Glory   Richard Morschel
2008-04-13   The Substance Of Faith   Richard Morschel
2008-04-06   Learning Obedience Through Suffering   Richard Morschel
2008-03-30   Suffering   Richard Morschel
2008-03-16   Following The Spirit   Richard Morschel
2008-03-09   Walking In The Spirit   Richard Morschel
2008-03-02   Secret Obedience   Richard Morschel
2008-02-17   The Grace Of Giving   Richard Morschel
2008-02-10   Divine Capacity   Richard Morschel

River Of Revival - In The River

2008-01-27   Knowing Abba Father   Richard Morschel
2008-01-13   Abiding In The Light   Richard Morschel
2008-01-06   Abiding In The River   Richard Morschel
2007-12-30   Now Faith   Richard Morschel
2007-12-16   The Anointing   Richard Morschel
2007-12-09   Zeal For God's House Consumes Us   Richard Morschel
2007-11-18   Flowing In Love   Richard Morschel
2007-11-11   United In The River   Richard Morschel
2007-11-04   Immersed In The River   Richard Morschel
2007-10-28   Realeasing The River   Richard Morschel
2007-10-21   Standing In The River   Richard Morschel
2007-10-14   Stepping Into The River   Richard Morschel

River Of Revival - The Source

2007-09-30   Realising God's Kingdom Within And Without   Richard Morschel
2007-09-23   Entering God's Rest   Richard Morschel
2007-09-16   Entering By Faith   Richard Morschel
2007-09-09   Worship In Spirit And Truth (Part II)   Richard Morschel
2007-09-02   Worship In Spirit And Truth   Richard Morschel
2007-08-19   River Of Revival - The Source   Richard Morschel
2007-08-12   River Of Revival   Richard Morschel

A People After God's Own Heart

2007-07-15   A People Who Are Holy And Blessed   Richard Morschel
2007-07-08   A People Who Know God's Provision And Protection   Richard Morschel
2007-07-01   A People Of Prayer Who Pray For Their Leaders   Richard Morschel
2007-06-24   A People Whose Strength Is In The Lord   Richard Morschel
2007-06-17   A People Who Change Their Environment   Richard Morschel
2007-06-10   A People Of Joy   Richard Morschel
2007-06-03   A People Who Bring The Next Generation To God   Richard Morschel
2007-05-20   A People Who Worship Unreservedly   Richard Morschel
2007-05-13   A People Hungry For God   Richard Morschel
2007-05-06   A People After God's Own Heart   Richard Morschel