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Trusting God and Others
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Seminar Messages

Individual Sermons

2019-06-16   Emotions Breaking Through   Edgar Mayer
2019-06-15   Guidance Along the Way   Edgar Mayer
2019-06-15   Hearing God in 5 to 10 Minutes   Edgar Mayer

Prophetic Encounter

2019-02-03   Living in the Glory   André Bronkhorst
2019-02-02   You Will Receive Power   André Bronkhorst
2019-02-02   Filled with the Knowledge of the Glory   André Bronkhorst
2019-02-01   Training Your Senses   André Bronkhorst

Revival Fire

2018-06-24   The Divine "Yes"   Edgar Mayer
2018-06-23   Holy Spirit Come   Edgar Mayer
2018-06-23   Community Annointing   Edgar Mayer
2018-06-22   Heaven's Home   Edgar Mayer

Deep Calls to Deep

2018-05-20   A Fresh Touch of the Holy Spirit   Steve Porter
2018-05-19   The Ready Bride   Steve Porter
2018-05-19   From Pain to Power   Steve Porter
2018-05-18   A Fresh Hunger for God   Steve Porter

Prophetic Encounters

2018-01-30   Lead by the Spirit   André Bronkhorst
2018-01-29   Faith and Obedience   André Bronkhorst
2017-11-01   Do You Love Me?   Ed Traut

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

2017-08-12   The Laying on of Hands (Part 2)   Edgar Mayer
2017-08-12   The Laying on of Hands (Part 1)   Edgar Mayer

Stepping In

2015-11-13   Entering the Glory   Richard Morschel

Hearing From Heaven

2015-07-19   Birth of Praise   Francois Botes
2015-07-18   How To Receive From God   Alexander Blair
2015-07-18   Let's Get Practical   Alexander Blair
2015-07-18   Realms of Prophecy   Francois Botes
2015-07-17   The Four Beast Kingdoms   Francois Botes

Time for Revival

2014-11-15   The Ministry of the Holy Spirit   Richard Morschel
2014-11-14   The Person of the Holy Spirit   Richard Morschel

Resonating Heaven

2014-01-26   All Because Of A Letter   Francois Botes
2014-01-25   The Realms Of Prophecy   Francois Botes
2014-01-24   The Seven Dispensations   Francois Botes

Signs, Wonders And The Kingdom Of God

2013-03-24   Building Friendship With God   Richard Maybery
2013-03-23   Getting Back To The Basics   Richard Maybery
2013-03-22   Miracles And The Glory   Richard Maybery

Healing Presence

2011-11-12   Ungodly Beliefs   Richard Maybery
2011-11-11   Inner Vows   Richard Maybery
2011-11-10   Shame, Fear and Control   Richard Maybery

Sound of Heaven

2011-05-22   Greater Intimacy with the Holy Spirit   Steve Porter
2011-05-21   Voice of the Turtle Dove   Steve Porter
2011-05-21   Dew of the Night   Steve Porter
2011-05-20   Whispers from the Throne Room   Steve Porter
2011-05-19   The Power of His Love   Steve Porter

Prophetic Leadership Seminar

2010-02-20   Introduction (Part 2)   Richard Morschel
2010-02-20   Introduction   Richard Morschel

Unveiling The Book Of Revelation

2009-12-06   Ride With The Lamb, Rule With The Lamb   Mike Chance
2009-12-05   Negative Trends In The Last Days   Mike Chance
2009-12-05   Positive Trends In The Last Days   Kay Chance
2009-12-04   Centre Stage Of The Book Of Revelation (Part 2)   Mike Chance
2009-12-04   Centre Stage Of The Book of Revelation   Kay Chance

Walking In The Supernatural

2009-05-23   Faith That Breaks Through Obstacles   Bengt Wedemalm
2009-05-22   Do Whatever He Tells You!   Bengt Wedemalm

Training Days

2009-03-21   Worship With Purpose   Mike Chance
2009-03-21   Running The Race   Kay Chance

Worship Seminar

2008-10-11   Worship With Purpose   David Rowe
2008-10-11   True Worship   David Rowe

Prophecy Seminar

2007-12-08   Session 3   Alexander Blair
2007-12-08   Session 2   Alexander Blair
2007-12-08   Session 1   Richard Morschel