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Trusting God and Others
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Alexander Blair

2020-02-23   The Power of Choice
2020-01-19   Don't Allow Unforgiveness to Block Your Destiny!
2020-01-05   Being Positioned for Favour
2019-12-01   What Is Authentic Worship?
2019-11-10   Staying the Course When Discouraged
2019-10-06   Broken for Empowerment
2019-09-08   Standing Your Ground
2019-07-14   Standing Your Ground
2019-07-07   Prevailing in Prayer
2019-06-02   A Right Mindset for Personal Growth
2019-05-26   Zion - It Starts with Choice
2019-04-21   Christ Is Risen - Just As He Said
2019-04-14   Hosanna - Your Prayers Are Being Answered
2019-03-24   Seven Ways to Praise God
2019-03-17   The Power of Praise
2019-02-24   Sort It Out!
2019-02-17   What Do I Still Lack?
2019-01-13   Warring with Your Prophetic Word
2018-12-16   Spiritual Hedge Strategies   Restoring Hedges of Spiritual Protection
2018-12-09   Restoring Hedges of Spiritual Protection   Restoring Hedges of Spiritual Protection
2018-11-11   Building Right Foundations   Living Bethels for God
2018-10-28   Living Bethels for God   Living Bethels for God
2018-08-26   Make up Your Mind!
2018-06-17   What Do You Say in Hopeless Situations?
2018-04-08   Are You a Candidate for God's Promotional Programme?
2018-02-04   Preparing for Your Mount Carmel
2017-10-29   From Revelation to Restoration
2017-09-17   Get over It and Move On
2017-08-06   Let Your Enemies Fear You
2017-06-11   God's Minimum Financial Standard
2017-05-21   Understanding Our Authority in Prayer
2017-03-12   Living from the Unseen Realm
2017-02-26   Reclaiming God's Presence
2017-02-19   God Loves You, God Knows You, God Made You
2017-02-05   Receiving from God - 5 Barrier Breakers
2016-12-18   How Do You Respond When God Shows Up?
2016-10-16   Who Do You Say I Am?
2016-08-21   With God There's More Than Enough (Part 2)
2016-08-14   With God There's More Than Enough
2016-06-26   Be Strong in Grace
2016-05-08   It's Time to Get Serious
2016-03-13   What's Going On?
2016-01-10   What Is Your Increase Strategy?
2015-12-20   Christmas - An Issue of Worship
2015-11-15   The Hallmarks of a Spiritual Community
2015-08-09   Praying Prophetically
2015-07-18   How To Receive From God   Hearing From Heaven
2015-07-18   Let's Get Practical   Hearing From Heaven
2015-06-28   Rise and Shine
2015-03-29   The Battle for the Gates
2015-02-22   No Shades of Grey
2015-01-25   Developing Faith at All Times
2014-11-30   Being a House of Prayer
2014-10-19   The Jubilee Anointing
2014-08-31   I Don't Want to Miss God's Plane
2014-07-20   What's Higher than World Cup Praise
2014-07-06   Embracing God's Call
2014-05-25   Christ Is Enough for Me
2014-03-30   How far are we willing to go for a breakthrough?
2014-02-23   Let's Live God's Dream
2014-01-05   Positioning Yourself For 2014
2013-12-01   Decide Which Side You Are On - Then Settle It
2013-10-20   Are You Prepared To Receive My Kindness?
2013-09-29   Only With The Holy Spirit
2013-08-25   Stepping Into The Growth Zone
2013-07-14   How Is Our Living Faith Today?
2013-06-30   Are You Living By Faith Or By Self?
2013-06-09   Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
2013-05-05   The Lord Of Hosts
2013-04-28   Turn Around, Hear And See
2013-04-07   God's Call To Love Him
2013-03-10   Knowing God's Guidance Is Easy
2013-02-10   The Church's Call To Prophetic Leadership
2013-01-27   What Will You Say In 2013?
2012-12-30   Will You Run To Win In 2013?
2012-12-09   Joseph's Choice Between Law And Love
2012-11-25   Transformed in His Presence
2012-10-14   Discipleship For Effective Growth
2012-09-02   Are You Listening?
2012-08-12   From Frustration To Freedom
2012-07-08   Blessing
2012-06-10   Preparation For Breakthrough
2012-04-29   Taking Back Our Families
2012-03-25   Standing Strong in Grace Under Pressure
2012-02-26   The Pain of Abandonment
2012-01-22   Being Free To Fail
2011-12-04   Let Our Needs Lead to an Encounter with God
2011-10-30   With Christ Jesus I Will Be Able to Forgive
2011-10-16   God Sees, God Hears, God Knows
2011-09-18   Being an Authentic Worshiper
2011-07-24   Chosen by God, Chosen for God
2011-06-26   Do Not Let Anger Steal Your Worship
2011-05-29   Uninvited Love
2011-04-10   Changing Our Inner Realm
2011-02-20   Reflecting His Presence in Troubling Times   Living in the Fear of the Lord
2010-11-07   A People Bold in God   The Church
2010-10-31   A Supernatural People   The Church
2010-09-26   Consecrated for God's Name's Sake
2010-08-08   Choosing the Door of Fruitfulness
2010-04-18   For The Sake Of Our City - A Call To Oneness   KLF Vision 2010
2010-03-07   It's Time - For Joy   KLF Vision 2010
2010-01-24   Right Attitude, Right Actions, Right Associations   KLF Vision 2010
2009-12-13   Positioning For Restoration In 2010
2009-11-15   God Will Restore Total Health
2009-07-12   Recipe For Worship
2009-04-19   A Possessor's or Settler's Attitude?
2009-02-08   Checklist For Effective Prayer   Living A Lifestyle Of Prayer
2008-11-02   Being Reconciled With Yourself
2008-07-13   Why Are We Sitting Here?
2008-05-11   Pentecost - Expecting The God Of Suddenlies
2008-01-20   Banquet For The King
2007-12-08   Session 3   Prophecy Seminar
2007-12-08   Session 2   Prophecy Seminar
2007-12-02   Hungry For Your Glory
2007-11-25   Rebuilding Spiritual Walls